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Intergalactic space travelers on earth have arrived

VERY Unique Art Pieces 

Made with you and for you

Want a unique, bold and modern art piece?  We got you!

You can tell us your ideas and we will work together to design a piece that will make everyone jealous!
We do murals, at your company or home, can make signs, and even pimp up your ride!

The bigger the better!

Contact us for a price quote or for more info. We travel!

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Phone:  (310) 433 41 59 or (310) 433 31 62             By email:

Art cowgirl Nisha ambesh
Art cowboy shantam ambesh

We are a sister and brother artist team from another planet! 

Since May 2019 we have been traveling around the US in our moving RV home; painting giant murals, decorating cars and participating in different events, fairs and farmers markets!

We love sharing our creativity on social media, making Vlogs, what we think are funny videos, and sharing our art, and adventures! 

Our mission is to add color and joy to planet earth and to meet and mingle with all you awesome earthlings!

We are traveling artists and rely on the generosity of people who enjoy our art. We want to keep on keeping on as long as possible, spreading joy and good vibes. 

Donations are ALWAYS appreciated. 

What we do?

Nisha "da Fish Genie" Ambesh

Shantam "Suga" Ambesh

We can pimp up almost anything... walls, indoor and outdoor, cars, store fronts, make signs, and Nisha has started tatooing.... info coming soon.

As we are mobile, if you have a big project in mind that need decorating, let's talk. 

These are 100% creative original pieces!  Like us (that's you and us together of course!)  😉

Who are we? 

Why not join us in our adventures!

We'd love for you to be onboard!

So many ways to follow us!

Besides travel, hike, skateboard, exercise and have fun! 

We also make videos, murals, tattoos, decorate cars, walls and just about anything else!

We won't mention graffiti...

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We add short videos. 

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Bad Ass Humor 

(If you get it, you da best!)


(Adventure Time)

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