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scenery - N&S lake
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N & S hike

Dear wonder-filled Earthling,
     We are so excited that you have found us.
     My brother Shantam and I have decided to depart on yet another amazing adventure that we will report back to the mothership about.
     Instead of the usual spaceship, which can freak people out, leave strange marks in wheat fields, and well consume a heck of a lot of energy, we decided to try a more human type vehicle thingy that you earthling s call an RV, and actually “drive” (although we may consider flying it as well) ALL around the US, in order to observe and interact with as many Earthlings as possible. Sharing artwork, events, conversations and ideas to build bonds and friendships between all humans we encounter on this wee part of this grand Universe.
     According to earth time, Shan, classified male, by earth standards, arrived here in 1994 and I the female in 1995 in a location called Switzerland. Although our “Mother” raised us as humans, little does she know that we aren’t, although I think she did suspect at times – like the one time she saw footprints on the ceiling, (we had a hard time explaining that one), how water never seemed to stay in the bathtub, how the window was always wide open in the bedroom every morning, and how birds, animals, insects, worms, larvi and bats always seemed to hang around….(in case you are curious, OF COURSE we can speak to animals, plants and sometimes even food!) Along with these semi-exotic languages we also speak two Earth languages English and French.
     Our passion, since we learned to hold anything that writes, is doing what you people here call “art”, but what those of our type call normal expressioning. Our first works were concealed as simple “kids” drawings, however, we did draw our “other” world again and again…. And YES when I was just a tot, and Shan still in those things called diapers (OK I was too) we both discovered graffiti. Right before my Mom was re-locating to a new homesite, we decided to decorate one of the walls, with what is now called permanent marker. Mom wasn’t too happy, we never did
understand why?
     In fact, we continue to decorate walls, Graffitti, being one of our favourite mediums. We went to school in Switzerland and as teens in Minneapolis, USA. It was while in the USA that we both attended Art High School and our works started getting bigger and bigger…. Discovering how we could decorate outdoor places has always thrilled us the most. It was like we could send messages back to our

     Teachers always thought we both had “active” imaginations, although we never understood what they
meant by that.
     We suspect that our Grandma is also Alien. Her and Mom raised us and we grew up seeing more of this beautiful planet at every chance we could. By the time we moved to go to HS in Minneapolis, we had already visited many countries including; Biking in Germany, hiking all over Europe, Spain and France, touring through China, taking trains through Romania, car tripping through Croatia, to name a few…. We were always keen to grab a back pack and go!
    After high school I decided to explore foreign places and visited India, Vietnam, Nepal, England, Spain and Morrocco to name a few…. And my bro took off in a mini-van going across the States, doing art fairs and selling space hats and pictures.
     We met up again in Switzerland in 2014 where Shan took on another human challenge, an apprentership program to be an outdoor electrician (a 3 year commitment) and I settled down a bit, and worked with my Earth Mom in her English Language School in Switzerland. (Escaping whenever I could!) We received a message from our Alien Allies that we were to go out and explore USA and to spread
artwork, joy, creativity and adventures with all humans we come in contact with starting in January 2019.
     And that for now is our story.

We are preparing for Blast Off…

And can’t wait to land somewhere NEAR YOU!

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