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“Creativity takes courage” - Henri Matisse
"and money to buy paints"
 - Nisha and Shantam Ambesh

If you're a person who can afford to give a donation to help us do the work of spreading the message of art & freedom throughout the world, then please give whatever donation you can afford. As you know, our "spaceship" is an RV which requires what you earthlings call gas and sometimes repairs.  We have also acquired a taste for food!  and our work is only supported by you, folks like you! We love making personal murals, decorating cars, going to art fairs, however, this hasn't led to a steady income.  

We do odd jobs whenever funds go low, but really, our calling is to do art.  Everywhere.

Thanks in advance for your kindness, love and support in this endeavor.  We will also send you a personal thank you note.

You can donate online as well as through the postal service.

Two Giving Options 
Please choose the most convenient method for you:

1. Donate Online
To make a single donation of your choice via credit or debit card, please use the button below: You do not need a PayPal account. If you have a Paypal account, you can also make your donation through Paypal at this page.



2. Mail Your Donation
Shantam Ambesh
514 Americas Way #111867

Box Elder, SD 57719

(By the way, we do not live at this address, but your check will get to us.)

Thank you for your generosity. You have made 2 aliens very happy.

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